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Horology -The science of measuring time. The art of making instruments for indicating time.

(NAWCC) The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural and social resource for its membership and the public at large.

"Web Horologists" is a pure horology site to present Clocks, Watches, and horological related ephemera for public education. It is designed to show Private collections and to help identify clocks and watches of all types and manufacturers. For those that have Web Sites that are primarily devoted to HOROLOGY, we will be offering a Web Ring tool bar to help promote HOROLOGY to the world.

Clocks @ Web Horologists is a Sub-Domain that presents Private collections of Clocks and various web pages devoted to the study of clocks from the beginning with the advent of Sun Dials to the Modern.

Pocket Watches @ Web Horologists is a Sub-Domain devoted to providing public information about PWs. The ephemera is well worth reviewing and the company Histories are interesting.

Wrist Watches @ Web Horologists will become the collectors review of Highly colectable WWs. Take a peek. We will be studying all of the major companies and their products. We will be providing our opinions on what is "Hot and what is NOT".

Tools @ Web Horologists is the study and display of some rare and unusual devices for the maintenane of Horological Devices. The A-Z archive of tools will be a great asset to that collector that is interested is collecting Antique tools.

I am hoping to bring together the various Web Sites in a unique Web Environment to show the world, "Horology at its finest".